In 1995 Intersam was founded by professionals in the sector for the manufacture of heat exchangers. In a few months, the manufacture of batteries in different formats is expanded, and new battery production lines are created. 100% of the billing was national and the number of clients was very small.
Nowadays, in addition to heat exchangers, we are capable of manufacturing any type of unit to satisfy any need in the field. of refrigeration and air conditioning and for this reason, it can be said that Intersam has already established itself as a leading company in its sector. For this reason, we maintain very active participation in everything related to fairs, both nationally and internationally, dedicated to the refrigeration or air conditioning sector.
We want to share with our clients and with everyone who visits our website the most outstanding events or news related to our work environment. In addition, this section is intended to be a showcase of our activity, with our most outstanding facilities, projects, etc.
For that, this section of “news” is created. From here, we want to keep all our visitors informed of everything that surrounds us and that, in our opinion, they should not be lost because it is considered of common interest.

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Cooling in data centres, critical for the digitalization of companies

Cooling in data centres, critical for the digitalization of companies

Without a doubt, the backbone of all the digital services used by people and organizations today is a vast network of servers and computing resources. These systems – clustered in data centers – provide the performance and availability required for a wide variety of...

Sectors with the greatest need for industrial air conditioning

Sectors with the greatest need for industrial air conditioning

Which of the manufacturing and service sectors does not require industrial air conditioning? Certainly, medium and large companies and even certain public structures such as hospitals require air conditioning systems with sufficient capacity. Whether it is to cover a...

Keys for the transport of food at a controlled temperature

The refrigerated vehicle emerges as an alternative to solve the needs of transporting perishable food, which requires a unit adapted to its characteristics. In this way, you will be able to preserve your properties during the tour. The purpose of refrigerated...

What is an ammonia condenser and how does it work?

The ammonia condenser is the part of an industrial refrigeration system, based on ammonia, responsible for dissipating all the heat that is being extracted from a refrigerated space to the outside. This dissipation to the outside is carried out by means of forced...

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Advantages of dry cooler systems for refrigeration

Doubles (IDD line)The most common uses of dry cooler refrigeration systems are the cooling of independent fluids or as part of air conditioning or refrigeration systems. In the latter case, its function is to cool fluids in intermediate heat exchangers and water...

|Apr 25, 2022

¿Cómo funciona un intercambiador térmico?

How does a heat exchanger work?

If you own a food and beverage or pharmaceutical processing company, a heat exchanger will add value to your operations. Among other properties, these systems provide constant temperatures for pasteurization without the risk of contaminating the heated fluids. In...

|Mar 22, 2022

Goodbye, 2021, celebrating C&R Fair in Madrid

We end 2021 by celebrating, despite the circumstances, the C&R International Air Conditioning Fair in Madrid. The event, which should have been held during the month of February, had to be delayed due to the health emergency situation that we are experiencing...

|Jan 19, 2022