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Cryogenic Food Refrigeration

Cryogenic Food Refrigeration

In addition to being an innovative technology that preserves the quality of food products, cryogenic food refrigeration also enhances efficiency and versatility in the production of frozen and processed foods. As the food industry continues to evolve, cryogenics will...

How does the industrial refrigeration cycle work?

How does the industrial refrigeration cycle work?

At the industrial level, two types of refrigeration cycles are employed: the industrial absorption refrigeration cycle and the industrial compression refrigeration cycle. Both cycles originated and developed in the 19th century. However, the compression cycle...

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Refrigeración de aire por evaporación para producción industrial

How an NH3 capacitor works, features, and advantages

It will become increasingly common to find an NH3 capacitor where there used to be another capacitor designed for synthetic refrigerants. Ammonia (NH3) is a natural refrigerant that has regained significant global relevance due to the severe restrictions placed on...

|Aug 7, 2023

válvulas de expansión electrónica

What are electronic expansion valves?

Every industrial, commercial, and domestic refrigeration system uses a refrigerant expansion device. This device takes the refrigerant at high pressure from the condenser outlet and creates a cold low-pressure zone in the evaporator. In domestic systems, it is...

|Aug 3, 2023

baterías para condensadores y evaporadores

The function of the condenser and evaporator coils

In industrial refrigeration systems, condenser and evaporator coils are responsible for directly carrying out the heat exchange process. This heat exchange is essential for the proper functioning of the cooling system and also for reducing its energy consumption....

|Jul 31, 2023

Cleanroom coolin

When we hear the term "cleanrooms," we immediately associate it with hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical and bioanalysis laboratories, and the nuclear industry in general, although nowadays they are not exclusive to these areas. The truth is that this concept...

|Jun 28, 2023

26 de junio: Día Mundial de la Refrigeración

June 26th: World Refrigeration Day

Undoubtedly, refrigeration has become an essential part of our lives. It helps us preserve food, maintain comfort in our homes and workplaces, and ensure the preservation of medicines and vaccines. Recognizing the importance of this technology in our current...

|Jun 7, 2023

Refrigeración de aire por evaporación para producción industrial

Evaporative air cooling for industrial production

The increase in temperatures poses a significant challenge for industrial production facilities. The heat generated by furnaces, machinery, and physical work can make working conditions unbearable. This leads to decreased productivity, a higher risk of heat-related...

|May 22, 2023


In 1995, Intersam was founded by professionals in the field of heat exchanger manufacturing. Within a few months, we expanded our operations to include the production of batteries in various formats, and new battery production lines were established. At that time, 100% of our revenue came from domestic sources, and our client base was relatively small.

Today, in addition to heat exchangers, we possess the capability to manufacture a wide range of units to meet diverse needs in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. As a result, Intersam has firmly established itself as a leading company in its sector. Consequently, we actively participate in both national and international trade fairs dedicated to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

We aim to share significant events and news related to our work environment with our clients and all visitors to our website. This section serves as a showcase of our activities, featuring highlights of our facilities, projects, and more.

To fulfill this purpose, we have created the “News” section. Through this platform, we intend to keep all our visitors informed about developments in our field that we believe are of common interest and should not be missed.

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