The whole world is hit by COVID-19. Intersam maintains its commitment to quality by retrofitting air treatment filters in its equipment.

Intersam completely renews its website.


Intersam S.L. collaborated with Trane Dubai (United Arab Emirates), to supply dry cooler & fan coil units for most challenging specifications/environment for offshore windfarm substation in North sea.

The units supplied shall be used to cool/ heat the leading offshore European sustainable power generation & distribution company.


First sale in Chile. Intersam S.L. collaborates with SQM Chile for its Salar del Carmen project in the Lithium Hydroxide Plant, this time Intersam provides liquid coolers with a total exchange power of 6.4 MW. The demands of the referring client make us manufacture the equipment with our BRONZ GLOW treatment


Intersam S.L. creates an exclusive marketing department. We give way to a new corporate image and a project of constant renewal of the material, mainly graphic, for commercial use begins.

First sale in India.


We continue to bet on new technologies and invest in the purchase of software for the creation of 3D design.

The first Mexico sale takes place and a collaboration agreement is signed with a Mexican company for the commercialization of our products. As in other countries, it is committed to partnering with local companies.

Intersam SL goes a step further by creating a new range of condensers (the IBOX, with compressors and panels installed) and the first range of air conditioners.


Remodeling of Intersam warehouses. A large investment is made to unify and improve all Intersam facilities, centralizing all manufacturing in the same location, as well as their offices, leading to an optimization in production times and creating a more comfortable work environment for your workers.

First sale in Peru.


Intersam acquires a laser cutting machine, taking a great leap in the development and quality of its products, as well as the improvement in its times production.

First sale occurs in Canada.


In accordance with the modernization policy in digital technology, computer programs (UNILAB) are acquired that provide our clients with very useful tools in calculating equipment.


The first sale occurs in Jordan.

With the diversification policy that began in 1998, the company invested in the purchase of a multitubular manufacturing company and began its commercialization.


The first sale occurs in Chile.


Intersam is presented at CHILVENTA, its first international fair. The commitment to export is getting stronger. Intersam sees in this fair the perfect showcase to launch your products abroad.


First sale occurs in Norway. A contract is signed with a Norwegian distributor, betting on the association with foreign companies that know the local market better.

The adiabatic range is born. Seeing the market need for these systems, Intersam develops its own adiabatic system thanks to its R&D department.

Intersam is associated with BRONZ-GLOW and becomes its only official applicator throughout Spain. This product is a great step forward for the durability of our products in corrosive environments.

Following the policy of improving productivity and quality, it invests in machinery for the automation of collector manufacturing processes (machining center and tube closing).


The first sale takes place in France.


Motivated by its constant growth, Intersam makes a new investment. On this occasion, in the purchase of three industrial buildings, thus tripling its production space.

The first sale occurs in Portugal.


The first sale takes place in the Netherlands.


The first sale occurs in Tunisia.

Intersam invests in the purchase of machinery (punching machines, folding machines and shears) in order to be able to manufacture its own sheet metal for its equipment.


The first direct export to Morocco occurs.


Due to the creation of new products, Intersam SL acquires new, larger facilities, to adapt to new production needs.

Intersam S.L. is presented for the first time as an exhibitor at the Madrid Air Conditioning Fair.

Investments in marketing and brand development begin, putting their website into operation.

All these investments are the beginning of the internationalization of Intersam S.L.


Intersam S.L. sees the possibility of expanding its products by launching a new diversification strategy, investing on this occasion in human and material resources. Thus begins our commitment to R&D , a constant that from this moment will always go hand in hand with our Company.

The first range of evaporators and condensers is manufactured.


It invests in the modernization of the company’s software and hardware, betting on the development of its own computer applications for the calculation and management of our products.

1995 Nace Intersam S.L.

Intersam S.L. sees the possibility of expanding its products by launching a new diversification strategy, investing on this occasion in human and material resources. Thus begins our commitment to R&D , a constant that from this moment will always go hand in hand with our Company.

Intersam S.L. is born, created by professionals in the sector, for the manufacture of heat exchangers for the world of air conditioning. In a few months, the manufacture of batteries in different formats is expanded, creating new battery production lines in 5/8 and ½. 100% of the turnover is national and the number of clients was very small.

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


C/ Cadmio nº 16, 28500 Arganda del Rey, Madrid (España)

Tel: +34 91 875 74 90

Fax: +34 91 875 74 94

E-mail: comercial@intersam.es

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