Bipolar ionisation is primarily a biosafety and infection prevention project, and it has proven to be effective in deactivating the Sars Cov 2 virus present in bioaerosols. It also reduces pollutant components such as particulate matter formed by VOCs, formaldehyde and harmful gases in the air. This results in a bioclimate with clean air and free of pathogens. 


Bipolar ionization in the food industry

With the increase in demands by food safety regulatory authorities and food trade globalisation, the pandemic has sparked efforts to communicate the efficacy of bipolar ionisation as a hygienic and phytosanitary treatment at all levels within the food industry, including producers, manufacturers, distributors and consumer organisations.


Intersam i-ONIC range

Intersam’s bipolar ionisation equipment is especially suitable to prevent bacterial growth in the food industry, taking food preservation to the next level. Its advantages are scientifically documented;

• Prevents germination and sprouting in potatoes, onions, garlic and other vegetables
• Disinfects grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts
• Delays ripening and ageing of vegetables and fruit
• Increases the shelf life of fish, seafood, fresh meats and poultry meats by destroying spoilage microorganisms
• Prevents food-borne diseases by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms
• Reduces microorganisms in herbs and spices
• Kills viruses, bacterial spores, gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, moulds, yeasts or parasites

Ionisation is endorsed and implemented with the purpose of generating safe and healthy spaces against COVID-19; it also eliminates pollutant components and cleans air so that it complies with safety parameters, tested and proven by laboratories.

All Intersam Cold Plasma Bipolar Ionisation equipment provide clean, high-quality indoor air for everyone. They are 100% safe, as they do not produce ozone or any other harmful by-products. Our models are approved by the UL and CE standards, and tested by independent laboratories. This technology reduces pathogen concentration, unpleasant odours, suspended particles (VOCs), viruses and bacteria. These systems can be installed in any air-conditioning system and in any location.

You can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the outside-to-inside air ratio without having to modify your system. Cold plasma ionisation safely cleans the air. Our patented technology uses electric charges to create a plasma cloud with a high concentration of + and – ions.

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