How does iDrop System work?

NH3 IDW condensers work by cooling ambient air through an evaporative pad to 95% relative humidity. Thus, an air temperature similar to the wet thermometer is obtained. Once this air has cooled and saturated, the cools the Condenser or Air Cooler batteries. The flow goes through the cellulose panels, and in this way the temperature of the circulating air is lowered.

Adiabatic cooling can be defined as the psychometric process of supplying water to an air mass. The latent heat to evaporate the water is robbed of the sensible heat of the air and is cooled in this way .

Advantages of the iDrop System

Evaporative panel humidifiers have continuous control of the humidification output. For this reason, efficiencies of 75 to 95 percent are obtained to achieve a relative humidity of 80 percent. They achieve chilled water temperatures equal to those obtained by evaporative condensing towers and also obtain a consumption of 90% lower than these.

No water treatment needed, no aerosols produced. Water recirculation pumps are not used either, and t all the supplied water evaporates into the air without excess. 

IDWH condensers features

The installed high performance condensing coils can be built in 5/8 “copper tube and 0.4mm. thickness or stainless steel of 5/8 “AISI 304L of 0.8mm. of thickness. They have corrugated aluminum fins with 2.1mm spacing. The frame is made of riveted galvanized sheet metal, and is provided with a floating system that prevents possible breakage of tube due to vibrations or expansion. Thanks to a manifold system with loading shells, the installation is guaranteed to be leak-free.

Its axial fans have high-performance projection grilles. In addition, the fans are equipped with 400V / 50hz three-phase motors with 910mm. diameter. External rotor with IP-54 protection degree of double speed and low consumption, in compliance with ErP regulations.

The evaporative panels are from the prestigious Munters brand and are characterized by being panels of great duration, simple cleaning and easy maintenance .


The possibility of modifying these equipment is offered through a series of options that can be consulted in the downloadable brochure from this page . Among other options, anticorrosive treatments can be applied, other types of materials can be used in the manufacture of the fins, different models of fans can be mounted, etc.

It is thus achieved that these devices become a safe and economical alternative to other products offered in the current market , in addition to saving water and energy they provide.

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