Applications and models

Intersam condensing units are built-in equipment designed for refrigeration applications in cold rooms and in work rooms. They are manufactured for installation outdoors and under extreme environmental conditions. This range is made up of five series, depending on whether they are used in high (IBOX..A + and AM +), medium (IBOX..A and AM) or low temperatures (IBOX..B).

Condensing units features

Regarding the exterior structure, it is characterized by its highly robust sheet metal chassis and pre-lacquered body painted in RAL color- 9018. In addition, the entire structure is compact, thanks to which vibrations are avoided. It should be noted that all the parts are easily removable in order to facilitate their maintenance.

A semi-hermetic piston compressor is installed, which may be of the COPELAND or BITZER brands (400V-460V / III / 50-60Hz) that are provided with suction and discharge valves, crankcase heater and cylinder head fan for negative temperatures.

There is also the possibility of mounting 1 to 4 fans of 500 to 800mm in diameter, with external rotor (degree of protection IP-54) and normal speed on standard models.

The liquid container is horizontal and is housed under the condenser. Provided with inlet and outlet valves, safety valve, filter and sight glass.

Regarding the regulation and safety of these units, they are equipped with double high and low pressure switches, with reset automatic, and differential oil pressure switches.


In order to achieve a team with the maximum performance in each installation, we offer the possibility of carrying out, upon request, a series of factory modifications. These modifications must always be made under the study and supervision of the Intersam technical department.

Some possible modifications would be:

– Oil separator
– Suction separator with or without exchanger
– Discharged start + discharge check valve
– High condensation control pressure switches
– High, low and oil pressure gauges
– Bronz-Glow treatment in battery for corrosive environments
– Acoustic insulation BOX
– Power and maneuver electrical panel
– Electrical wiring
– Other configurations, refrigeration plant, multi-circuit, etc …
– Cubic evaporator / s or ICI industrial series ceiling lamp o IPI (complete solution for refrigeration installation)

Estáticos de freón

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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