Multitubular capacitors: generalities and applications

HMAT and HMAM series multi-tube condensers are water-cooled. They are used to condense gases refrigerators of commercial, industrial and conditioning refrigeration installations of air.

Thanks to its modular construction system, it covers a range of powers from 9 to 2,600Kw. in casing diameters ranging from 133 to 457mm. In addition, special models with higher power or with different characteristics can be supplied if the application requires it.

Due to its practical design of removable covers and rubber gaskets, its inspection is possible and, therefore, it is easier to cleaning the inner tubes.

As mentioned above, this range of equipment is manufactured in two versions: the HMAT series, for use with water fresh (from network, well or tower) and the HMAM series, for use with seawater or saline NaCl solutions with a maximum concentration of 10% by weight.

Construction system and materials used

Both series are manufactured with steel tube without DIN 2448 welding or electro-welding API-5L-Gr B. The j the water circuit seals that the equipment carries are made of natural rubber.

As for the liquid connections, it is solved by means of a threaded fitting or a flange for the coupling of the service valve.

Certificates and tests

All equipment is manufactured according to the Directive of the European Economic Community97 / 23 / CE and They bear the “CE” marking. According to the model, they are classified into categories I, II, III and IV, so they are delivered with the corresponding characteristics plate and with their Certificate of Conformity, in application of said regulations.

On the other hand, the equipment is subjected to a leak test and airtightness test with dry Nitrogen corresponding to 1.43 times the maximum admissible pressure, which is 28bar for the indicated series.

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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