Intersam is founded mainly for the manufacture of heat exchangers (batteries). This explains the level of specialization that Intersam acquires in this type of product. It should be noted that Intersam coils are already part of the equipment in major. air conditioning, industry and refrigeration, both nationally and internationally.

Its coils are designed for cooling or heating of liquids, as well as for vapor condensation, direct expansion or for the pumping of refrigerants. On the other hand, they are used for their condensation in any type of application in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Fluid exchange takes place in the tubes and air exchange takes place in the fins,

Like the rest of Intersam equipment, the coils are custom built. Once built, they can be incorporated as the heart of any of our units or they can be purchased separately, to form part of other equipment that has not been manufactured in our workshops.

General specifications

Different configurations are offered that vary depending on the material used and the diameter of the coils tubes. Therefore, you can purchase the A and B series, which are manufactured in copper, or you can opt for the Ax and Bx series, which are manufactured in stainless steel,

All our coils are tested for tightness. They are injected with dry compressed air at a pressure of up to 38Kg / cm2 and immersed in a water tank to check for leaks.

Afterwards, the evaporator coils and condensers are pressure-charged and provided with a howitzer for verification upon receipt . Finally, a quality seal certifies the tightness test of each of the coils, thanks to which a perfect traceability of the product is allowed because it is assigned a reference and manufacturing number.

The fins can be made of aluminum, pre-lacquered aluminum, copper or stainless steel. In addition, any of these materials can be treated with the Bronz-Glow treatment, which is especially recommended when the equipment is installed in corrosive environments.

The structure is completely riveted between the frames and stringers, which gives the drums great rigidity. The perforations for the accommodation of the tubes have protection collars and in this way breakage is avoided.

The tubes and manifolds are manufactured to the highest quality, taking into account their thickness. However, all the components and materials used to manufacture Intersam’s heat exchangers are perfectly detailed in the downloadable brochure on this website.

Estáticos de freón

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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