Applications and models

Intersam helical V capacitors offer capacities from 40Kw. up to 1055Kw. They allow suction from the sides and the expulsion of air vertically. Thanks to this arrangement of the batteries, placing them in parallel reducing the space, a better use of the installation is achieved. They are the ICV Series from Intersam . Within this series there are different models depending on the number and characteristics of the modules.

V-Type helical condensers features

The batteries of this equipment are high performance and are built in 1/2 ”copper tube, with a 2.1mm corrugated aluminum. from separation. On the other hand, to the frame, which is made of galvanized sheet , it is provided with a floating system thanks to which possible breaks of the tube due to vibrations or dilations are avoided . In order to to guarantee a leak-free installation, the equipment is provided with a system of copper manifolds with charging shells. The battery is inserted into the V-shaped frame.

Regarding their external structure, they are made of galvanized steel, and painted in colored polyester RAL-9018 high resistance. Its structure is compact and highly rigid, thus avoiding vibrations in these devices. These Intersam capacitors are delivered with all the supports and anchors necessary for fixing and lifting.

The fans of these series have high performance protection grilles and three-phase motors for 400V / 50Hz . These motors have a diameter of 800mm., degree of protection IP-54 and external rotor with double speed and low consumption.

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Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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