Applications and models

The multitubular evaporators of the EMCH series are designed for applications in cooling processes of water and non-icing mixtures, as well as of any other liquid that is not corrosive to copper pipes. On the other hand, the EMCHI series is made entirely of AISI-316 or AISI-316 L stainless steel, with the exception of the exchange tubes, which are mounted in copper.

Gases are incorporated into the equipment in the secondary circuit, which can be of any type, taking care to comply with pressure and corrosion limitations depending on the construction material. To do this, a thorough study of the application is carried out by the Intersam technical department.

It should be noted that the entire range is capable of working with any refrigerant on the market if the limitations are applied in each case specific values ​​and if the appropriate power correction values ​​are adjusted, as well as those of the refrigerant pressure drop.


The design is of the multitubular shell and tubes type, with a single pass through them. The fluid to be cooled circulates through the casing while the refrigerant circulates through the interior of the tubes. These tubes are smooth on the outside and corrugated on the inside. They also incorporate a fluted helical path thanks to which the transmission coefficient is increased, as well as the internal speed of the refrigerant gas. The tubes are clamped to the tube-holder flanges by mechanical expansion.

The secondary circuit is provided with diaphragms that perform the function of supporting the tubes and, at the same time, force the circulation of the fluid thus increasing the effectiveness of the thermal exchange.

All equipment using type 1 refrigerants is manufactured according to the Directive of the European Economic Community 97/23 / EC. Each unit is supplied with its nameplate and its Certificate of Conformity.

The “CE” marking of the machines is limited to application temperatures between 50ºC and -20ºC and a pressure working maximum of 16bar. It is very important to note that the materials do not meet the necessary safety conditions for other working conditions.

Characteristics of multi-tube evaporators

The following characteristics of this series are highlighted:
– Fully accessible in the gas circuit
– Expanded exchange tubes in the flanges
– The head flanges are closed by means of nitrile, EPDM, Teflon or graphite gaskets, depending on the applications
– Reversible connection side
– The liquid is Distributed by droplet fractionator
– They are easily repaired on the side of the tubes

On request, applications for fluids not included in our catalog of multitubular evaporators can be studied: temperatures below the standards, higher design pressures, as well as type records for type IV categories.

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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