Refrigeration and Industrial climatization

Heat exchangers for your business. Customized solutions in Refrigeration and Heat.

Are you looking for industrial refrigeration and heating equipment for your company? You have reached the ideal place. Because at Intersam we have been manufacturing heat exchangers tailored to your needs for more than 25 years.

Our long journey allows us to offer you high-quality products that also guarantee the best treatment of airflows, which is so important today.

Batteries for air conditioning machines, evaporators for food preservation, condensers, fan-coils …

Everything, with the best value for money.

We work in accordance with the UNE-ISO9001: 2015 Quality System, which supervises all manufacturing and administration processes. This system allows us to achieve complete traceability of our products.

We help you choose the system you need and offer you the option of manufacturing a custom system.

Our flagship products, adiabatic condensers and air coolers control 100% water consumption. They also have a low energy consumption ventilation system. Everything to reduce costs and take care of the environment.


How can we help?

These are the solutions we have for your business:

    – Design and manufacture of cooling and heating equipment

    – Development of customized systems

    – Supply of our products at your location

    – Own software to facilitate your work

    At Intersam we develop all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems: air-water, water-air and air-refrigerants. Our goal is to achieve maximum energy efficiency in your refrigeration equipment to save on energy consumption.


    Perspectivas del sector de la climatización industrial internacional en 2023

    Energy efficiency, key in air conditioning equipment

    It is estimated that air conditioning systems consume up to 40% of all the energy demand in buildings and facilities. Therefore, it is important that the energy efficiency of the air conditioning equipment is as high as possible, in order to achieve significant...

    How does a heat sink work in a cooling system?

    We all know that an industrial refrigeration system produces cold, which is used to freeze food, air-conditioning living spaces, cool drinks, etc. However, not all of us understand that this cooling depends on a hot spot, which needs a heat sink to transfer energy...

    La importancia de la calidad del aire en interiores

    The importance of indoor air quality

    That around 800,000 people die each year worldwide due to poor indoor air quality in their workplaces should be enough to alert those responsible for these spaces to improve this situation. However, the topic has not been as much debated as outdoor air pollution....

    Situación y perspectivas del sector de la refrigeración en España

    Situation and perspectives of the refrigeration sector in Spain

    Complying with the new energy efficiency standards of the European Union, helping to face high energy costs, and maintaining the stability of the industry will continue to be part of the challenges of the refrigeration sector in Spain. As we will see below, this...

    rack de refrigeración

    What is a cooling rack?

    The word rack is an English term that is used to refer to structures that have very important applications. These structures house related equipment, and are designed to facilitate their assembly and disassembly, with little time and effort. In this sense, a...

    ¿Qué son los condensadores adiabáticos y cuál es su función?

    What is an adiabatic cooling system and its advantages

    An adiabatic cooling system takes advantage of the difference between the dry bulb temperature and the wet bulb temperature of the air. This difference can vary in practice between 0 and 9 °C, depending on the relative humidity of the air and the atmospheric...

    gases refrigerantes

    Types of refrigerant gases and their characteristics

    Basically, refrigerant gases used in all refrigeration systems are classified as natural and synthetic. Ammonia and carbon dioxide are the most widely used natural refrigerants due to their excellent thermodynamic properties. On the other hand, fluorocarbon-based...

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