Refrigeration and Industrial climatization

Heat exchangers for your business. Customized solutions in Refrigeration and Heat.

Are you looking for industrial refrigeration and heating equipment for your company? You have reached the ideal place. Because at Intersam we have been manufacturing heat exchangers tailored to your needs for more than 25 years.

Our long journey allows us to offer you high-quality products that also guarantee the best treatment of airflows, which is so important today.

Batteries for air conditioning machines, evaporators for food preservation, condensers, fan-coils …

Everything, with the best value for money.

We work in accordance with the UNE-ISO9001: 2015 Quality System, which supervises all manufacturing and administration processes. This system allows us to achieve complete traceability of our products.

We help you choose the system you need and offer you the option of manufacturing a custom system.

Our flagship products, adiabatic condensers and air coolers control 100% water consumption. They also have a low energy consumption ventilation system. Everything to reduce costs and take care of the environment.


How can we help?

These are the solutions we have for your business:

    – Design and manufacture of cooling and heating equipment

    – Development of customized systems

    – Supply of our products at your location

    – Own software to facilitate your work

    At Intersam we develop all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems: air-water, water-air and air-refrigerants. Our goal is to achieve maximum energy efficiency in your refrigeration equipment to save on energy consumption.


    Innovation and quality, respecting the environment

    In a world increasingly concerned about the scarcity of natural resources and environmental impact, the choice of efficient and sustainable equipment for natural refrigerants becomes fundamental. It is in this context that Intersam's adiabatic equipment stands out...

    The importance of air conditioning in industrial warehouses

    The importance of air conditioning in industrial warehouses goes beyond thermal comfort; it is a critical element that influences health, operational efficiency, and product integrity. Providing industrial warehouses with a specialized air conditioning system...

    gas propano

    Propane gas, a natural alternative for refrigeration

    Replacing fluorinated synthetic refrigerants has been the goal worldwide after their impact on global warming was discovered. For this reason, natural refrigerants have become the primary alternative in the refrigeration world. Among natural refrigerants, propane...

    The R-744 or CO2 refrigerant for a more sustainable future

    From 1974 onward, due to the research of Mario Molina and Sherwood Rowland, the world of industrial refrigeration was significantly impacted. These researchers from the University of California (Irvine, USA) confirmed the harmful effects of chlorofluorocarbons...

    El Impuesto sobre los Gases Fluorados de Efecto Invernadero

    The Greenhouse Gas Fluorinated Tax

    As a contribution to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, Spanish legislation implemented the Greenhouse Gas Fluorinated Tax (IGFEI). This tax, established by Law 16/2013, aims to correct the environmental externalities generated by these harmful gases. In...

    refrigeración en la industria pesquera

    Key aspects of refrigeration systems in the fishing industry

    The fishing industry plays an essential role in global food supply, providing a vital source of seafood that reaches tables worldwide. However, behind the freshness and quality of these products lies a set of critical factors, with one of the most fundamental being...

    refrigeración en la industria alimentaria

    Essential aspects of a refrigerated warehouse

    Efficient and secure refrigerated storage is indispensable in many companies for preserving temperature-sensitive products. These facilities are designed to maintain specific environmental conditions to ensure the freshness and integrity of perishable goods, among...

    Claves de la refrigeración de productos lácteos

    Keys to the Refrigeration of Dairy Products

    On this occasion, we will address a fundamental topic for owners or managers of businesses in the dairy industry: the refrigeration of dairy products. Milk, cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy products are essential elements in the daily diet of most people. But have...

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    Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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