Freon gas was discovered in 1931. It surprised by its incredible cryogenic properties and became the ideal alternative for the production of cold. So it didn’t take long for freon to be used as a refrigerant in the refrigeration industry.

Applications and models

These units are ideal for installation in small chambers or in open showcases with natural air circulation by convection. This range is known as the IES series and it is designed to be installed in chambers that work at high and medium temperatures for the conservation of gender.


The batteries of these static freon evaporators are built in 5/8 ”copper tube and have corrugated aluminum fins with 12mm spacing. They can be served with one or two refrigerant circuits. In the case of carrying two, there is a venturi type production system for the application of thermostatic expansion valves. On the other hand, the frame is made of aluminum sheet and is provided with protection collars.

The IES range from Intersam features a drip tray and drain structure constructed of aluminum pre-lacquered. It is manufactured in the form of saw teeth and in sections. Its discharge is carried out in a single tray that has a built-in drain. With this tray, dripping on the fabric of the chamber is avoided and the collection of condensation in the defrosting process is favored.

It is also possible to manufacture the equipment with built-in defrosting. In this case, it is achieved through 230V electrical resistances that are built in armored stainless steel tubes and that have vulcanized ends so that, in this way, derivations are avoided. The resistors are placed inside the battery and connected to a watertight junction box, according to the IP-55 standard.


There is the possibility of finishing the intersam static freon evaporators with some options. All of them are described in the brochure that you can consult or download from this website. These options can affect the battery as well as the structure or the defrosting process.

All available options can be made upon request and will be subject to prior study by the Intersam technical department.

Cooling capacities

All capacities in this range have been calculated according to ENV-328 standards with nominal powers according to SC2.

Estáticos de freón

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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