Applications and models

Due to their reduced dimensions and characteristics, Intersam fancoils are the best option when installing air conditioning and/or refrigeration by heating/cooling of the water or fluid it carries.

Intercom’s extensive range of fan coils offers power ratings ranging from 4kW to 67kW, cold, and 11kW to 207kW, hot. The Intersam series of fan coils is defined with the name ISAK and each of the 16 standard models in our catalogue offers the possibility of different circuits (A, B and C), depending on the conditions of the fluid to be treated. In addition, ISAK from Intersam can be mounted with fans of AC, EC or ATEX categories </ strong> (this last category, if the installation is carried out in explosive atmospheres, ship engine rooms, oil rigs or gas platforms).

Within the industrial sector, ISAK from Intersam also plays an important role since they are perfect as water in industrial processes, mineral oils or other fluids, especially in ships and offshore platforms, mainly.



Batteries for various liquids, high performance, built in 1/2 ”copper tube placed in a staggered pattern and fin of corrugated aluminum with spacing from 2.5 to 3.2mm. They have a collector system, also made of copper, with a brass fitting for threading, both in the inlet and in the liquid outlet connection. The battery frame is made of galvanized sheet metal and is provided with a floating system that prevents possible tube breakage due to vibrations.

Exterior structure

Made of galvanized steel sheet lacquered in polyester RAL-9018. The entire structure is compact and highly rigid, thus avoiding vibrations. The parts and panels are easily removable for maintenance. With the ISAK of Intersam all the necessary supports for fixing and lifting anchors are included.


High performance helicoidal fans s in different available diameters (250, 315, 500, 560 and 630mm. ), with protection grid and, depending on the model, single-phase or three-phase motors (230V / 60Hz). Very low consumption external rotor, according to ErP regulations, with IP-54 degree of protection and internal safety clixon. Options

– Bronz-Glow fins for corrosive environments
– Pre-lacquered EPOXY aluminum or copper fins
– AISI-316 stainless tube
– Grilles and filters in suction
– Fans connected to a watertight outer box
– Motor speed regulation system
– Motors with EC electronic regulation
– Motors with ATEX classification
– External structure and drain tray in stainless steel

Many of these options can be configured with our selection software or under study by the Intersam technical department.

Hot / cold capabilities

The nominal powers of the downloadable catalog on this page are based on the following conditions:

• Cold: room temperature at 30ºC with 30% RH and cold water from 6 to 12ºC.

• Heat: room temperature at 20ºC, with 40% RH and hot water from 80 to 70ºC.

All test procedures are in accordance with ENV-327. For different conditions, use the selection program available on this website.

Fancoils Intersam

Committed to the environment

Committed to the sustainability of the planet. We use ecological refrigerants, recycle raw materials and control the consumption of resources such as water, oil and energy.


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