Applications and models

Intersam industrial cubic evaporators are ideal for placement on the ceilings of conservation and refrigeration chambers of all kinds of genres. This range of evaporators is composed of three main series for high (ICIA), medium (ICIM) low (ICIB) and very low temperature (ICIT).



They are high-performance evaporator batteries built in 1/2 ”smooth copper tube and corrugated aluminum fin with separations of 4.2; 6; 8 and 10mm. The frame is made of aluminum sheet, provided with protection collars. They have a Venturi type distribution system for the application of thermostatic expansion valves.

Exterior structure

They are manufactured in aluminum lacquered in high resistance RAL 9018 polyester color. As an option, it can also be made entirely of stainless steel, including the tray. The entire structure is compact and highly rigid, thus avoiding vibrations. In addition, all the parts are easily removable for maintenance.


Helical fans with high performance protection grids, fitted with 400, 500, 630 and 800mm diameter motors. three-phase for 400V / 50Hz with IP-54 degree of protection, with external rotor and low consumption. The bearings are provided with special grease for low temperatures, down to -50 ° C. Optionally, all motors could be connected to a general watertight box, according to IP-55 regulations.

Defrost resistors

Defrosting is carried out with 230V electric heaters built in armored stainless steel tube. These resistors, with vulcanized ends to avoid derivations, are inserted inside the battery and the tray, and in turn, connected to a watertight junction box. All models in this range can be supplied with defrosting resistors.


There is a wide variety of configuration options in these series. These options allow, for example, modifying the coil fins and tubes, applying anti-corrosion treatments, etc.

Regarding defrosting, you can opt for an electric defrost in battery and tray, by hot gas in coil with resistance in tray or with double insulated drain tray. The equipment can be completed with ring heaters on the mouth and with defrost sleeves on the fans.

These and other options that affect equipment fans can be consulted in more detail in the downloadable brochure on this page.

All options would be mounted on the equipment exclusively upon request and study of the Intersam.

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