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What is pump down in refrigeration systems?

What is pump down in refrigeration systems?

"pump-down" is the English term for the gas collection maneuver, which is applied in many refrigeration systems. This maneuver is carried out automatically, using electromechanical and electronic devices. Individuals who are not familiar with refrigeration and have...

Key components in industrial refrigeration

Key components in industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration is a fundamental element in various productive sectors, as it provides precise temperature control necessary for critical processes and the storage of sensitive products. Unlike commercial or domestic refrigeration, industrial systems are of...

March 8th, International Women’s Day

March 8th, International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, we celebrate International Women's Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the positive impact that women have in all areas of society. On this special day, we want to pay tribute to all women around the world, from those who lead nations to those who...

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Innovation and quality, respecting the environment

In a world increasingly concerned about the scarcity of natural resources and environmental impact, the choice of efficient and sustainable equipment for natural refrigerants becomes fundamental. It is in this context that Intersam's adiabatic equipment stands out...

|Feb 20, 2024

gas propano

Propane gas, a natural alternative for refrigeration

Replacing fluorinated synthetic refrigerants has been the goal worldwide after their impact on global warming was discovered. For this reason, natural refrigerants have become the primary alternative in the refrigeration world. Among natural refrigerants, propane...

|Feb 6, 2024

El Impuesto sobre los Gases Fluorados de Efecto Invernadero

The Greenhouse Gas Fluorinated Tax

As a contribution to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, Spanish legislation implemented the Greenhouse Gas Fluorinated Tax (IGFEI). This tax, established by Law 16/2013, aims to correct the environmental externalities generated by these harmful gases. In...

|Jan 22, 2024


In 1995, Intersam was founded by professionals in the field of heat exchanger manufacturing. Within a few months, we expanded our operations to include the production of batteries in various formats, and new battery production lines were established. At that time, 100% of our revenue came from domestic sources, and our client base was relatively small.

Today, in addition to heat exchangers, we possess the capability to manufacture a wide range of units to meet diverse needs in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. As a result, Intersam has firmly established itself as a leading company in its sector. Consequently, we actively participate in both national and international trade fairs dedicated to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

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