At last, we have made up our minds. In the same way that we are evolving in our products, this time it was our website’s turn. Although we have not changed its content too much, we did want to take a small leap, both in design and in the way we interact with you.

We have opted for a more current platform and for a much more intuitive navigation. As always, from our website you can continue to consult and download brochures and manuals for our products, as well as our Intersam Unit Selector software (always updated to its latest version), with which you can perform technical calculations and choose the most suitable for every occasion.

Social Networks play an important role today and more so now, given the circumstances, that we run times in which physical contact with our clients is difficult for us. For this reason, we want to commit to being much closer to you through our website, updating our new news section and where you can read articles of great interest as well as, of course, through our Linkedin account at which we already have presence.

We invite you to continue visiting us virtually and we encourage you to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for, or for any clarification you may need.

Thank you for continuing to trust Intersam.

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