The International Fair of Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Plumbing, and Refrigeration, known as C&R, emerges as the flagship event in our country, bringing together experts, leading companies, and professionals every two years. This showcase of absolute prominence and visibility stands as an essential catalyst for the sector.

Why Visit C&R: A Summary of Business Opportunities:

1. Intense business relationships:
C&R offers four days dedicated to establishing strong business relationships within the industry, providing a unique space for interaction between professionals and companies.

2. Comprehensive information in one place:
The fair concentrates all specialized commercial offerings from the Spanish and international markets, offering visitors a comprehensive view of products and services under one roof.

3. Effective purchasing processes:
C&R presents itself as the ideal scenario to initiate, continue, or conclude purchasing processes and orders, with the presence of the entire distribution channel.

4. Professional networking:
Participating in the Professional Meeting Point and taking advantage of the Meeting Agenda with exhibitors are key strategies to build an effective work network.

5. Explore and strengthen business relationships:
The fair provides the opportunity to visit and strengthen business relationships with existing suppliers and analyze the characteristics of potential new suppliers.

6. Directly compare offers:
C&R facilitates the direct comparison of features in the present offering, allowing informed decisions on the most suitable solutions.

7. Sector and consumer trends:
The event is an ideal space to analyze trends in the sector and consumer behavior, keeping visitors informed about recent innovations and developments.

8. Participation in congresses and seminars:
C&R goes beyond the commercial exhibition by offering the opportunity to attend congresses and seminars that provide crucial information about sector trends and evolution.

9. Key instrument for image projection:
Participating in C&R becomes a key instrument for projecting a company’s purchasing power image, strengthening its position in the market.

10. Distribution agreement closure:
The fair provides the opportunity to close distribution agreements, consolidating strategic relationships that drive business growth.

11. Evaluation for future participation:
C&R provides the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of future participation as an exhibitor, serving as an essential platform to understand market dynamics.

Intersam, S.L. at C&R: Booth 7D11

In this context, we are pleased to announce that Intersam, S.L. will be present as an exhibitor at Booth 7D11. We cordially invite you to visit us and explore the latest solutions in air conditioning and refrigeration that we offer. Be part of this enriching experience at C&R!

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