We end 2021 by celebrating, despite the circumstances, the C&R International Air Conditioning Fair in Madrid. The event, which should have been held during the month of February, had to be delayed due to the health emergency situation that we are experiencing throughout the world. Finally, it could be held from November 16 to 19.

Despite the absence of many companies and, of course, a lower influx of public than we were used to, the event was held with great enthusiasm by all of us who met. Although we miss the “regulars” who were unable to come to our stand, we had the opportunity to make new, very interesting contacts, and to share with them all the news and concerns surrounding our sector.

We presented our new Cold Plasma Bipolar Ionization equipment, which caused a sensation, we took the opportunity to listen to live music at our stand (already a classic) and we put to the test the foosball skills of all those who dared to challenge us.

Now, our sights are set on CHILLVENTA 2022 (October 11 to 13), where we hope to be able to be, as we have been doing for years, to continue sharing our passion for the world of refrigeration.