We are celebrating! Tuesday, April 6 marked 25 years since Intersam was born. We overcome the barrier of the quarter-century with the illusion of the beginnings and the seriousness of the consolidated company that we are today.

What began as a 3-member family business that manufactured air conditioning batteries nationwide, went on to become a company with more than 50 workers with a global presence, and with an I+D team always at the forefront to update, improve and create new products that respond to market needs.

It was not an easy road, but we are proud because we managed to overcome each of the obstacles thanks to our ability to adapt to different changes, and to the trust that our clients place in us every day.

We were able to overcome difficulties such as the crisis of 2008 and the global pandemic that has hit the world since March 2020, becoming, after these 25 years of hard effort and perseverance, a company with a very competitive position within the air conditioning market.

During these years, we have also signed several important international agreements, such as BRONZ-GLOW, which made us their Only Certified Applicator in Spain.

Do you want to know the trajectory of Intersam throughout these 25 years? Join us through our history …

The adventure begins: this is how Intersam was born

The history of Intersam dates back to 1995 when a Juan Sánchez , an experienced engineer in the heat exchangers sector, ventured to found a family business together with his children, Roberto and Jesús .

Despite the warnings of his friends about the idea of ​​starting a business project in a time of crisis like the one we were experiencing at that time, Juan decided to move forward with the company, because he thought the opposite,

“This is the best time, because we can’t go backwards”

Juan Sánchez

The company initially focused on the manufacture of batteries for air conditioning . To develop the activity, he rented a warehouse of just 500 square meters , and bought second-hand machinery thanks to the network of contacts acquired in his previous work experience. These contacts, who ended up being friends, not only helped him get the machinery, but also started passing him the first Intersam orders .

This is how the first Intersam factory was born, with Juan and his two sons as the only workers there.

Jesús Sánchez and Roberto Sánchez

working in the Intersam factory

Evolution and growth of the company

The family business begins to grow

Three years later, in 1997, Juan observed how clients highly valued thermodynamic calculations that, in the case of Intersam, Juan Sánchez did, helped by his experience as an engineer and different spreadsheets. Considering the agility in those calculations that the moment demanded, and that the first programs capable of carrying out these tasks were beginning to be developed, there was no doubt. Intersam hired a computer company that developed their own calculation software for Intersam , allowing them to streamline the process.

1998 was a year of growth for this family business. The workforce increased , new jobs were created in the factory, and both Juan and his sons began to focus on administrative tasks.

Intersam in its early days

This year also saw a growth in the diversity of products manufactured by Intersam, including the manufacture of the first range of evaporators and condensers in the history of this company.

A year later, it was decided to invest in a warehouse with greater capacity , which would make it possible to develop the new range of products.

First contact with the international market

Roberto begins to emphasize the importance of marketing to publicize the company. A commercial department headed by him is created, and a strategy is proposed to show the world that Intersam is a small company, but with great potential within the sector. The first step was to participate as exhibitors in the 1999 Madrid Air Conditioning Fair.

A small stand and a few batteries as a sample were enough to make itself known to the crowd of attendees from all over the world.

It can be said that it was here, at the 1999 fair when Intersam took the first strategic step towards the international market.

Evolution at all levels and overcoming challenges

During subsequent years, the company continued investing in Research and Development to continue advancing and adapting its products to new customer needs. The company also experienced staff growth, not only in the factory, administrative tasks grew, and it was reinforced with administrative staff.

In addition, personnel were hired in charge of quality control of the products, so that they met the highest customer standards.

With the aim of not stagnating in the world of air conditioners, the company decides to diversify and manufacture other types of products. A new ½ ”production line is also created, that accompanies the ones that already existed previously, the 3/8” and 5/8 ”lines.

Continuing with the new hires, a production manager joins the staff to develop the entire cold range, and the first Intersam salesperson, with the intention and clear objective of start selling outside of Spain.

After so much work and effort focused on the growth of the company, Intersam was able to reap the fruits, being in 2004 when Intersam carried out the first international direct sale in Morocco.

During 2005, the increase in orders at Intersam forced to reduce production times and costs. Until then, the company used external suppliers, but this year, it was decided to change the structure. Invested in new machinery and the sheet metal section was created, thus eliminating the need for external companies.

Intersam began manufacturing the equipment from start to finish.

In 2007 the company grew logistically. The three warehouses where the factory is currently located were purchased, but it was not until 2015 that they ended up being transformed into what is today Intersam.

During the 2008 economic crisis, Intersam was able to sustain itself thanks to its youth, its good management and the desire to get ahead. Furthermore, it was already a very competitive company in its sector, and its clients placed great trust in it.

Intersam’s International Expansion Begins

Shortly after, the idea of ​​signing international agreements for companies from other countries to distribute the equipment manufactured by Intersam exclusively, without the need to have a physical headquarters, began to be raised. It is in 2009 when an agreement is signed with a Norwegian company, becoming the first Intersam distributor outside of Spain.

Also during 2009, an important agreement was signed with BRONZ-GLOW, an American company dedicated to anti-corrosion coatings. This agreement meant that Intersam became the only certified applicator of this product in Spain. The incorporation of this coating meant an increase in the durability of the equipment in corrosive environments.

During the following years, the company continued its international expansion participating in international fairs outside of Spain, and beginning to have an important presence in the Latin American market. In addition, Intersam acquired ownership of a multitubular manufacturing company and also began its commercialization.

First participation in the 2009 Chillventa International Fair in Nuremberg (Germany)

Intersam continues to invest in growth and makes the leap to the digital world

One of the main characteristics of Intersam is its constant adaptation to the market and to the needs of its clients. Therefore, when the company realized that its thermodynamic calculation software needed to be modernized for the cold range, Intersam did not hesitate. In 2013 the company acquired the international UNILAB software to provide its clients with a tremendously useful calculation, design and selection tool.

A year later, the first laser cutting machine arrives at Intersam. This machine was a before and after for the company, as it achieves an important leap in the development and quality of Intersam products, also improving production times.

During 2016 Intersam continues to update its resources by buying 3D software, continues to increase its presence in Latin America and begins to manufacture a new range of capacitors, in addition to its own range of air conditioners, which until now it partially produced.

Intersam S.L.
Climatizadores HA

The following year Intersam entered the digital world and decided to create a design department to eliminate the outsourced printing process. This department updated the corporate image and created a new range of brochures.

In 2020, the coronavirus that stopped the world was unleashed.

During this year, Intersam maintains its quality commitment by re-adapting the air treatment filters in its equipment in accordance with the Covid-19 measures.

Also in 2020, more importance was given to the digital presence of the company. The company’s website was updated and the product brochures and manuals were digitized to make them available to the world.

Intersam today

Currently, Intersam has a workforce of 50 workers and has its own teams practically all over the world.

The objectives of the company are to continue growing both at national and international levels and to continue investing in R&D to break into new markets and new products. Without losing sight of the focus on the sustainability of the planet, always committed to the environment.

Intersam works together with its clients and offers them customized solutions to their needs. Throughout all these years, versatility, professionalism and reliability have proven themselves at all times and around the globe. With a wide range of products, all its equipment can be adapted, attending to the particular needs of each client.

Intersam’s commitment and trust are reflected in every step it has taken throughout its history.

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