In a recent challenge for the refrigeration industry, INTERSAM has played a crucial role by supplying a series of cutting-edge equipment for a key installation in the pharmaceutical sector. In collaboration with the renowned installer CLAUGER, INTERSAM has provided state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions that stand out for their exceptional quality and commitment to the environment.

Among the supplied equipment are ammonia-cooled medium-temperature evaporators, meticulously designed to ensure optimal heat exchange and unprecedented energy efficiency. These evaporators, with a total thermal exchange capacity of 1.1 MW, are the cornerstone of the new installation, offering precise and reliable thermal control that meets the industry’s most demanding standards.

Additionally, an innovative adiabatic system, designed by INTERSAM, has been implemented, providing a total thermal exchange of 1.5 MW. These adiabatic systems represent the cutting edge in refrigeration technology, leveraging advanced methods to minimize water consumption and reduce environmental impact. At a time when water conservation is a global priority, the implementation of these adiabatic equipment underscores INTERSAM’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The installation of these state-of-the-art equipment would not have been possible without the experience and technical knowledge of CLAUGER, whose role in the project has been fundamental to ensuring smooth implementation and optimal operation of the refrigeration systems.

In summary, the collaboration between INTERSAM and CLAUGER has resulted in a first-rate industrial refrigeration installation that stands out for its technical excellence, energy efficiency, and commitment to environmental sustainability. This project not only sets a new standard in the refrigeration industry but also demonstrates INTERSAM’s leadership as an international manufacturer of high-quality and environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment.

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