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Everything you need to know about industrial air curtains

Everything you need to know about industrial air curtains

Air curtains are commonly used at the entrances of many buildings, refrigerated warehouses, and food or pharmaceutical processing areas, among others. As we will explain later, this equipment creates an invisible and seamless air barrier from the top of any exterior...

What are HVAC systems and what is their importance in smart buildings

What are HVAC systems and what is their importance in smart buildings

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are a group of air conditioning equipment that allows for maintaining a pleasant temperature in a living space. But this equipment also controls the purity and humidity of the air to avoid respiratory problems...

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¿Qué son los condensadores adiabáticos y cuál es su función?

Functions of adiabatic condensers

The operation of many large-scale ventilation, heating, and air conditioning equipment depends almost entirely on its water consumption. Today, the supply of this vital liquid is a problem, due to its availability, transportation, and processing for industrial use....

|Feb 21, 2023

La importancia de la cadena de frío en productos cárnicos

The importance of the cold chain in meat products

It is relatively easy for a consumer to know when a cut of meat is in excellent condition for consumption. The color, the texture, and, of course, the smell are the essential indicators to know the state of the piece. If in some parts of the processing, transport,...

|Feb 7, 2023

Perspectivas del sector de la climatización industrial internacional en 2023

Energy efficiency, key in air conditioning equipment

It is estimated that air conditioning systems consume up to 40% of all the energy demand in buildings and facilities. Therefore, it is important that the energy efficiency of the air conditioning equipment is as high as possible, in order to achieve significant...

|Jan 16, 2023

How does a heat sink work in a cooling system?

We all know that an industrial refrigeration system produces cold, which is used to freeze food, air-conditioning living spaces, cool drinks, etc. However, not all of us understand that this cooling depends on a hot spot, which needs a heat sink to transfer energy...

|Jan 9, 2023

La importancia de la calidad del aire en interiores

The importance of indoor air quality

That around 800,000 people die each year worldwide due to poor indoor air quality in their workplaces should be enough to alert those responsible for these spaces to improve this situation. However, the topic has not been as much debated as outdoor air pollution....

|Dec 12, 2022

rack de refrigeración

What is a cooling rack?

The word rack is an English term that is used to refer to structures that have very important applications. These structures house related equipment, and are designed to facilitate their assembly and disassembly, with little time and effort. In this sense, a...

|Dec 5, 2022


In 1995 Intersam was founded by professionals in the sector for the manufacture of heat exchangers. In a few months, the manufacture of batteries in different formats is expanded, and new battery production lines are created. 100% of the billing was national and the number of clients was very small.
Nowadays, in addition to heat exchangers, we are capable of manufacturing any type of unit to satisfy any need in the field. of refrigeration and air conditioning and for this reason, it can be said that Intersam has already established itself as a leading company in its sector. For this reason, we maintain very active participation in everything related to fairs, both nationally and internationally, dedicated to the refrigeration or air conditioning sector.
We want to share with our clients and with everyone who visits our website the most outstanding events or news related to our work environment. In addition, this section is intended to be a showcase of our activity, with our most outstanding facilities, projects, etc.
For that, this section of “news” is created. From here, we want to keep all our visitors informed of everything that surrounds us and that, in our opinion, they should not be lost because it is considered of common interest.