In a world increasingly concerned about the scarcity of natural resources and environmental impact, the choice of efficient and sustainable equipment for natural refrigerants becomes fundamental. It is in this context that Intersam’s adiabatic equipment stands out as the optimal option for various industrial and commercial applications.

The adiabatic technology implemented by Intersam not only guarantees exceptional performance in terms of cooling and air conditioning but also stands out for its reduced water consumption. In times of drought, where the conservation of this resource is crucial, our equipment offers a solution that significantly optimizes water demand, thus contributing to the preservation of this vital resource.

Committed to sustainability and aware of the importance of mitigating our impact on the environment, at Intersam, we take pride in offering equipment that is not only highly efficient from an energy perspective but also designed with the current drought situation facing our planet in mind.

In the dynamic world of industrial refrigeration, the installation of quality equipment is essential to ensure efficient and safe operations. In this regard, Clauger Refrigeration stands out as a leader in the sector, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest performance standards. Recently, Clauger has carried out the installation, with equipment supplied by Intersam, in a major company in the food sector.

The installed equipment, manufactured by Intersam, is recognized for its excellence and reliability worldwide. Among them, the 3 IDROP ICWH-9164B-B EC ammonia condensers stand out. These condensers offer a total thermal exchange of 2.56 Mkw, ensuring optimal performance and outstanding energy efficiency.


Adiabatic iDrop System: Advanced Technology for Efficient Refrigeration

One of the standout features of these condensers is the Adiabatic iDrop System, which utilizes an evaporative panel to cool the ambient air up to 95% relative humidity. This innovative technology enables achieving air temperatures similar to those recorded on a wet bulb thermometer, thus optimizing the refrigeration process. Furthermore, the adiabatic system provides a range of significant advantages, such as precise control of humidification output, efficiencies of up to 95% to achieve an 80% relative humidity, and up to 90% lower water consumption compared to traditional evaporative condenser towers.

Outstanding Features for Optimal Performance

Intersam condensers feature design and construction characteristics that ensure their durability and effectiveness. The high-performance condensing coils are manufactured with premium materials such as copper or stainless steel tubes and corrugated aluminum fins, meeting the most stringent regulations in terms of energy efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability and Safety

The choice of Intersam equipment and the installation carried out by Clauger Refrigeration not only result in operational and economic benefits for the client company but also in a firm commitment to sustainability and safety. With state-of-the-art technology and a focus on energy efficiency, these solutions contribute to reducing environmental impact and ensuring safe working conditions for personnel.


The installation of industrial refrigeration equipment is a complex process that requires experience, technical knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to quality. With Clauger Refrigeration and Intersam equipment at the forefront, the client company can rest assured that they have a top-notch refrigeration solution that will meet their most demanding needs. The combination of advanced technology, energy efficiency, and operational reliability guarantees optimal performance and exceptional long-term results.

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